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Bahaikipedia is a free, multilingual, open-content collaborative encyclopedia on the Bahá’í Faith. It exists to make all factual information about the Bahá’í Faith easily accessible in a single location. The name Bahaikipedia is a portmanteau of Bahá’í, wiki and encyclopedia.

As of today, there are 2,437 articles in English and our contributors have made 56,194 edits to the project since it was started in March of 2007.

Bahaikipedia runs on a software called Mediawiki, a tool that allows for collaboration and participation from anyone with access to the internet. Mediawiki is open source and is the software that runs the Wikipedia projects. If you're interested in contributing don't worry, you won't break anything (we hope) and you can't actually delete anything. Each page has an associated page history which lists all edits in reverse-chronological order.

In every article, links will guide you to associated articles with additional information. This is especially beneficial if you are new to the terminology found in the Bahá’í Faith, inter-linking allows us to maintain depth without losing focus of the topic.

Sister projects[edit]


Bahaimedia is the most important project to Bahaikipedia because it stores all the media used in the encyclopedia. It allows the different language versions of Bahaikipedia to share the same images, and gives visitors an overview of media that relate to the Bahá’í Faith.


As the Bahá’í Faith grows across the globe, material from the Faith is translated and published in many languages. Bahaitext takes on two roles: At the main domain,, the work is to gather and link to all existing translations of a work. At each language version of Bahaitext, currently only English,, the work is to add the full text of books, letters and messages about the Bahá’í Faith. We do this so we can provide inter-wiki links back to Bahaikipedia articles to explain topics of the text. Give a read through the 2008 Ridván message from the Universal House of Justice for an example.